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    1-13-12: 5/3/1 Overhead Press: 3x5

    Overhead Press
    3x120 rest 12 sec 3x120 rest 15 sec 2x120

    Bench Press

    Schwab Press (JM Press on Smith Machine)

    Underhand Grip Pendlay Rows

    Face Pulls with Rope

    Was hoping to get 3 on my last set of rest pause but I was fatigued from the set of 8 earlier, so I only matched it. Either way, got my volume in. I was so worn out by the time I got to face pulls that I just winged it. Finally got my weightlifting shoes which helped a bit on bench but I need to increase by groin and calf flexibility to keep my heels on the ground better. Bodyweight was 187.6 before the gym, so I'm finally making gains, looking forward to the 3 day weekend, I'll finally be able to relax after all this school.
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