3-11-12: Strongman Sunday

Tire Flips, 365 Lb Anchor Chain Drags, and Carrying Plates to my Friend's Truck
-Nice dynamic warmup

Farmers Walk
180 in each hand for about 80 feet
250 in each hand for about 80 feet
270 in each hand for about 100 feet (my training partner is going to send me a video of the uphill part, which was about 64 feet)

Wheelbarrow Carry
All the plates down the hill for our farmer's deadlifts. There were 7 45 lb plates, 4 35s, 4 10s and 8 5s.

Farmer's Deadlift
1x270 in each hand
0x380 in each hand
1x360 in each hand (video coming soon!)

300 lb Tire Flips
Did a set of 10, rested a bit, then did a few more

Putting Everything Away
-A workout in and of itself

I had a blast today, strongman is incredibly fun and I can tell I'm going to make massive gains from this. I was super stoked to farmer's deadlift 720 lbs, I thought there was no way I could do it, but I did, and got it on video too! Just waiting on my training partner to send it to me. We went to a buffet afterwards and I weighed in at home around 201.3. Going to enjoy stuffing my face this next week before I start my cut next week xD.

I'll post both videos as soon as I can.