Thanks Gaz, I really hope you're right that it'll bounce back!

7-31-12: 3x3 Push Press and Deadlift

1 Clean and Push press for reps


Incline DB Press

Chest Supp Row

Rear Delt Destroyer
30x25s big ROM

Seated behind the back side raises (rear and medial delts)

Reverse Curls and Standing Reverse Grip tricep extensions
Several high rep sets with just the bar

Good workout today, push press form felt amazing, should have gotten a video, really starting to like it, feel it in the lats and traps immensely. Deadlift was OK, I think I was just having a bad day on those, then also my grip was kind of shitty because I haven't deadlifted truly heavy in a while. Going to do grip rack pulls after shrugs next time. Incline DB Press was nice and strong, 45 degree angle like Jim wendler, got a lot of triceps and upper chest, some lats and shoulders. Chest supp row felt good to balance out the inclines. Then a bunch of shoulder and arm work because I almost never isolate both areas, good pump, and I still look great an hour after. My shoulders feel huge. Definitely keeping the shoulder work, a solid day today, even if strength was a bit off.

Overall I feel like I"m getting wider, thicker and leaner at the same time, which is awesome, but unfortunately I'm getting weaker on the big lifts. Could just be stalling because I haven't deloaded in a while, though I'm gonna try to stick it out for the next 3 weeks till I'm done cutting. Didn't weigh myself today but probably just below 200. Might just look bigger because of decreased bodyfat, although my shoulders look bigger and broader even with a shirt on.