11-4-12: OHP

12x105 2 rep PR

Pendlay Rows
12x135 rep PR

Incline Bench
5x155 1 rep PR

Ok day today. On OHP I'm experimenting with a narrower grip because even though the ROM is larger it doesn't feel too much weaker, I feel a lot more muscular activation but not much of a drop off in strength, so I think it has potential to be stronger than the wider grip. Plus I got 2 more reps on my drop down 70% set, probably mostly due to working volume more often now, but possibly because of this technique being superior leverages, and me getting more used to it. Pendlays felt good, very strong, didn't go too heavy but I'm sure 12x135 is a PR, just don't know by how much. I know I was stronger at some point in the past because I've gotten 155 for 10 before. I"m confident 5/3/1 will get me back up there though, and beyond. Incline bench was good and bad. I was only expecting to be able to do my 8 rep sets with 115 but it was so easy, so I bumped it up to 135 and had 2 decent sets. First one I didn't do pauses, but the second I did. Just feeling it out. I got cocky and tried 155 for my 6 rep set, pretty sure I was pausing them, but on rep 6 my ass came 1-2 feet off the bench to get it up, so I'm just counting it as 5. Still a PR though over my previous best, 155x4, but I"m not too excited about it since my max bench at the time was like 225 or 235 unpaused, so my incline bench would obviously be stronger now than then. Maybe next week I can do 3x5x155 though.

Then I dropped it down to 145, and here's where today got sh*tty. I probably could have gotten 6 reps the first time but I got a spot from my friend who's a bodybuilder. I've become pretty good friends with him since I met him when I came here about 6 weeks ago, really funny guy, and I've worked out with him a few times before and gotten good spots, but I've never actually debriefed him in how I like to get spotted. Every time he's spotted me I've been using light weights, so I didn't even struggle at all and he didn't even think he needed to help. But today since I was actually incline benching weights I would have to grind up, and since I assumed he knew how I wanted my spot, bad things happened. On rep 5 with 145 it was going up really slowly so he put his hands on it, even though I could still get it up. I guess he was expecting me to do some forced reps and negatives and the type of Dorian Yates inspired stuff he usually does, and I usually spot him on. I held it at the top for like 15 seconds trying to explain to him how I don't want him to touch the bar at all, and if I need help I'll say "grab it!", but holding it tired me out, so on rep 6 I wasn't going to make it, and I said grab it, but he did the bodybuilder forced reps shit where he barely helps and makes me grind it up. Good for bodybuilding where you only hit a muscle group on one day per week, and want to hit the muscle to maximum failure, where you're just trying to stimulate and break it down, bad for powerlifting where you work with heavy weights, low reps, several sets across, and train the same muscle groups multiple times per week, and try to progress strength on movements. Not bashing bodybuilders, but training like that is not good for my goals because it just saps the recovery and sabotages progressive overload when you go to failure and all that kind of shit. So I got really pissed off and yelled at him for a bit. Rested about 10 minutes since I knew going to failure would screw me over on the next set, and then got really jacked up for the next set and blew up 145 for 6 reps paused. Not his fault but still kind of messed up my session. Hopefully I can make it up by getting 3x5x155, then doing my other stuff next week.

I was really tired at this point from going to failure twice so I scrapped the t bar rows and light 5x5 technique reinforcer bench I was supposed to do. I'm just going to do a small session tomorrow where I do some treadmill sprints, push ups, face pulls, tricep extensions, and curls, then I'll have until wednesday to rest my legs and until thursday to rest my upper body.