1-17-13: Deadlift/Back/Posterior Chain

1x475 grip hold 10 sec
1x405 grip hold 20 sec

Good Mornings

Pendlay Row

Kroc Row
15x55 right 12x55 left

Hamstring Curl

Ab Wheel

Pretty draining day today, legit 2 hour session. Deadlifts were shitty, my grip was incredibly weak, which made the lift feel harder. The first rep of each set was incredibly strong, like speed work, but the last rep of each set was a grinder because my grip was slipping terribly. Decided to do some grip holds at the end to try to help fix that for next time, we'll see what happens. GMs were alright, just really tiring after deads. Pendlay rows were also incredibly tiring after all I already did. Did some kroc rows with a towel wrapped around the DB to help build my grip more, grip failed at 15 on the right and 12 on the left. Hamstring curls were going well but my calves started to cramp towards the end, maybe I need to take more carbs or start creatine, or just build work capacity. I"ll do creatine for a bit until my work capacity goes up, and I'll go lighter next week. Ab wheel was also tiring. Overall a very draining session, my hands are still shaking an hour later.