For anyone that doesn't know me, I'm currently the #1 ranked raw all-time female powerlifter. My best lifts in competition are: 615lbs. squat, 415lbs. bench press, and 580lbs. deadlift, for a 1610lbs. total (belt and wrist wraps only) at 254lbs. bodyweight in the shw class. I post on here every so often and mostly follow my friend Brian Hopper's training, since I used to train in Lakeland where he does.

I know this post is really a blatant promotion for my new website. Check it out:

But, understand that all proceeds from this website go back into the sport of powerlifting. Some of the money will be used for me to travel to meets (I have only competed near where I live because of this factor). I also would like to pay for all of my training partners who would like to compete in and travel with myself to the women's pro-am being held by Laura Phelps on 04/14/2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio. If the site goes well, I also am going to donate money to the next women's pro-am meet and help offer prize money at the next meet we hold in Georgia so that lifters can have something more than a plastic trophy for their accomplishments.

So, if you are interested in what I have to offer, check out the website. I will also have products for sale in the very near future (stuff made and sold by powerlifters) and will be adding another top powerlifting (geared and raw) and strongman competitor to my site in the next week.

Thanks for reading and before you make fun of this as just another site to sell training programs, remember that all the money goes back into the sport, not just in my pocket like some people do. Contact me with any questions (please note: This is a serious post and I will not respond to sarcastic or insulting comments, so don't act childish).

P.S. I do not think this violates the Terms of Use for this site, because I am not currently selling anything similar to or in conflict with what you are promoting (At Large nutrition products) on this site. So I apologize if it does.