I'm finishing up my PhD and have put on around 25 pounds over the last 6 months due to a lack of time/abundance of stress. I've still been getting to the gym, just not as much as I had been, and my eating has gotten messy (i.e. booze and pizza). I have the next 1.5 months off and will be dedicating myself to a strict diet and lifting routine. Ignore the sig (trying to figure out how to change it right now). My current stats are 6'1", 227 pounds. Max bench is around 375 (maxed out last week at 375), Squat is probably down to around 400 (maxed out 2 weeks ago at 415), and Deadlift is probably down to around 480 (maxed out 2 weeks ago at 480).

Here's is my plan:

I intend to hit a 3 day routine 2x a week. It will look something like this:

Day 1: Chest and Tri's
Day 2: Legs and Cardio
Day 3: Back and Bi's
Day 4: Chest and Tri's
Day 5: Legs and Cardio
Day 6: Back and Bi's
Day 7: OFF

I'm thinking of actually adding cardio to each day and basically do a two-a-day work out. I'm really just looking to drop the weight with minimal muscle lose. I realize this may look like overkill, but my body can handle it and I am really looking to drop the weight fast, but safely.

I know there are some great lifters and athlete's here and I am open to any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks!