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    April Mathis Training Log

    Because Brian said it was a good idea to post this here, This is just a copy of mine at, so it's the same thing obviously for whoever reads that.

    My next meet is still going to be raw full-power, so that is what I am focusing on. I'm trying to learn a bench shirt and once in awhile I squat with briefs in between too, but today was only the fourth time since my last meet that I put a shirt on and I hadn't been using it for awhile before then. One of my training partners brought a different shirt for me to try and I also tried another one I had that I hadn't tried in a long time, so that part wasn't real good today. I need to practice with it more, but I'm not too focused on it right now.

    I had a shoulder injury at the last meet, and it still hurts alot benching much of the time, but I feel strong benching also right now, so I try to be more careful and take a week off benching more often in between as it's not really affecting my strength or performance at all. Mostly putting a shirt on helps some so I can do some more volume on bench and help improve my lockout. That is mainly what I have been using it for lately.

    My goals for my next meet are a 730 squat, 430-440 bench, 605 deadlift, and total at least 1750 raw. I am planning to do the women's pro-am meet in Cincinnati, Ohio on 04/14/2012 as long as I can afford to travel there. Otherwise I will do a closer meet sometime near then.
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    Best competition lifts:
    650lbs. raw squat
    441lbs. raw bench
    590lbs. raw deadlift
    1650lbs. raw total

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