04/16/2012 Deload Week: Shoulders/Triceps light

Shoulder Press on Machine

Reverse PecDec
60x10x3sets each side

DB Side Raises
15x10x3sets each arm

Band Triceps Pushdowns
Purple Bandx40x3sets choked up high on band

Rear Delts w/mini band
3sets of 20

60x50 slow reps

Few sets of abs just bw

Shoulder is doing better than last week. Everything was less panful and with using very slightly more weight this week in regards to shoulder movements. Still going to go real slow with it. Got under a squat bar once with most fingers on the bar, but still some pain in doing so and not ready to squat with it yet. Should be a few more weeks. I'm going to make sure it's completely healed up before attempting it again though. Will be going light on everything the rest of the week. Will probably squat heavy Sunday, since I took a break from squatting just a couple weeks ago.