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    Murderous's Progress To A 1000 lb Raw Total

    Decided to move my progress log to here. Anyways, best deadlift before injury was 325×2 and best squat was 245×5 low bar, and I did a box squat style once and I easily did 265×3 since it was my first time actually doing them, best bench max performed alone so far was in early December for 235 and I did 245 about a week ago where the guy touched it a little but I knew I had it. Will start deadlifting/squatting soon after I get my SI joints mobilized, which happened from front squatting with too wide of a stance, causing my hips to shake (the weight wasn't too heavy) in June. I am 6 2' or 6 3' and I weigh about 190 right now. Currently train at a World Gym.

    My current bench training is composed of a ME day where I work above 90% for sets and a RE day where I try to get in reps ranging from 5-8. Today was a RE day.

    First post:
    CGFP (first time doing these) 185 lbs 7 sets 5 reps a set

    RGBP (regular grip, pinkies on rings) 185 1 set 5 reps

    Half ROM UWGBP (hands 1 cm away from ends of rack) 185 lbs
    Sets and reps:
    1, 5
    2, 5
    3, 4
    4, 5
    5, 4
    6, 4

    Shoulders supersetted for 3 sets 7 reps a set each exercise, did 6 reps on the last superset for FRs and SRs:
    Front Raises: 25 lbs
    Side raises: 20 lbs
    Rear delt rows: 35 lbs

    Prehab: Tri ext. 40 lbs on heavy cable 4 sets 21 reps a set

    Will do legs with machines tomorrow and some back training.
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