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    2012 Training

    I've had a solid year of weight lifting under my belt, now I'm getting more serious about lifting. For the bulk of 2011, I was stuck at 130 lbs body weight, which was fine, because I wanted to compete in powerlifting at 60kg. I've decided I'd be a lot better and I'd have a lot more fun lifting if I was bigger, and therefore, stronger. Starting 2012, I'm 150 lbs, my max bench press is currently 225, max squat, 225, and max deadlift is 365. This is mostly for me to track how much my lifts change this year since I'm going to keep trying to gain weight, hopefully an extra 35 lbs between muscle and a bit of fat. My goals for this year are to get a 315+ squat, 405+ deadlift, and a 275+ bench press.
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