I am finally getting back under heavier weights again after my December 17th meet.

I didn't get video of my 820 board press from yesterday, but I got a few of my top two sets of band pulls today. The rack is set 3" below my knee. I usually miss pulls at the knee so I like to pull from just below there when I'm in the rack. I didn't use straps through 4 plates, but I added them after that. When I set up my bands I like to use the outer pins instead of looping them straight up and down in the middle pin so I have a little more starting tension ( you can see what I mean in the videos)

The first video is of my second to last set. The weight on the bar is 585 plus a doubled up monster-mini band for a triple


The next video is my top set. 675 plus the monster-mini band for a single.... it felt locked but it doesn't quite look there in the video.... you be the judge, I'm just happy to get the work in... looks like I ramped it up pretty bad too..... oh well, next time.