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Thread: Viking's Log - Quest for a 2000lb total

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    Viking's Log - Quest for a 2000lb total

    Hey all,

    Making my return to posting my training on here. New year with new goals. Last year went well as my first year of competition.


    GPC Canadian Nationals - Calgary, Alberta - 2nd place - 520/248/550 @ 248lbs Raw

    GPC BG Memorial - Calgary, Alberta - 1st place - 508/248/550 @ 234lbs Raw.. Broke the Canadian raw squat, deadlift and total records @ 242lbs. Nothing spectacular.

    SPF Outlaw Meet - Tampa, Fl - 2nd place - 750/225/615 @ 255lbs Multi-ply.. my first meet in multi-ply after 2.5 months of training in gear. Happy with this result minus the token bench.

    Currently training for the Lexen XPC Pro/Elite meet in Grove City, Ohio early March 2012.


    Stats: 6'1.. current bodyweight ranging from 235-245lbs.. goal is 275lbs or more.

    Best lifts to date are: RAW/Multi-ply
    Bench Press 295lbs/400lbs
    Squat 585lbs/750lbs
    Deadlift 585lbs/615lbs
    Military Press 265lbs

    My training style is the Westside method but instead of a Dynamic effort bench, I prefer a 5x5 light bench day as it doesn't aggravate my forearm injury as much. I also do an extra day a week for deadlifting. Currently, Ryan Selk and Zane Geeting are helping me out with my training.

    My current goal for Lexen in March is..
    Squat 850lbs
    Bench Press 440lbs
    Deadlift 705lbs
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    hjarta er kraftr

    Best Lifts Multi-ply:
    945 Sq 515 BP 675 DL
    Best Lifts Single-ply:
    840 Sq 470 BP 705 DL
    Best Lifts Raw:
    655 Sq 325 BP 635 DL

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