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Thread: Just a walk in the park...road to 2012 Strongman Season

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    Strongman done, on to powerlifting...the Workhorse Way

    Well, some of you may remember be, some of you won't...but I've been on WBB for almost 10 years now...used to post a lot, now just read and lurk etc. Time for that to change.

    I compete in strongman despite being a little guy (5'11" and 235lbs). My best placing is top 6 in Western Canada in 2007. Since then had a couple of bad injuries and life was stupid busy etc etc etc [insert all typical lame excuses here]. Now, that life is somewhat on a straight line and my training is going well, I have decided to compete again next year and try to get back to some what of a respectable strength level for an aging dude with a wife and 4 young daughters...the youngest being 13 days

    The plan is to hit the gym 3x a week, and do some extra training on Saturdays (event training) once the weather warms up a today is -51F with windchill...stupid cold!!

    I've torn muscles, wrecked knees, torn shoulders etc in the past few years not training enough and not being prepared for competitions and trying to be my old self when in training and doing dumb things...time to smarten up.

    So, you'll see my workouts posted up, you'll see any interesting life events posted up, etc. Any questions or comments are MORE than welcome...bring it on.

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