Invain - not sure, just a bad day i guess.

Brief update. Been on CBL again and weight is back down to about 224. Last bench session went good with an easy 455 + 150 lbs chain for a single to a 1 board. Last squat session Friday was the best squat workout ive ever had. Handled 515 + 200 lbs of chain for 8 sets of 2 in just briefs then threw the suit bottoms on with reverse greens off the monolift which really didnt do shit and hit a 660 + 200 for a double. I will try to post the facebook video, i should of went 700 or more.

I will note, although it could be from that friday squat workout, that my raw bench has finally seen a hit from the weight loss and all of the straight bar squatting. Every weight from 225 up feels VERY heavy and tight on my shoulders and pecs. Completely struggled with a 405 raw 2 board which ive been hitting for 3 years as a warm up not max effort. I think i have weak shoulders. Not sure.

Meet is in 3 weeks. 2000 or bust.