Thx bro

2/15/13 Cube Squat Max Wk 8

Today was supposed to be a new max squat, but to be honest i felt like shit the whole workout

Squat (texas giant bar 65 lbs)
bar x alot
155 x 3 x 2
245 x 2
245 x 1
335 x 1
385 x 1
425 x 1
475 x 1

add knee wraps

515 x 1
545 x 1 high

I was playing with my stance the whole time. Going narrow i tend to round my back, but going wide i'm right there or 1-2 inches high. The wide stance i'm able to stay WAY upright and generate alot of power. Between my tight hips and the knee wraps it was like a tight squat suit in the hole.

The weight moved easy, but i know it was high. Any tips for hip flexibility would be great.