We will see brah. The only concern right now is the pull. Ill get it straightened out.

9/12/13 DE DL


Reverse Hypers

10 x 3

Pulldown Abs

10 x 3


10 x 3

Speed Pull w/ Franken Bar

*these were initially done from a deficit, but with briefs on and going sumo my position was terrible. Ill do the deficit stuff conventional.

225 x 5
225 + greens x 3

add jack briefs

315 + greens x 1
405 + greens x 8 singles

speed was pretty good, and my form was OK. i took my grip out and this helped from getting stuck on my gear. i think getting the hips back a little more and a bit more arch and ill be ok.


Box Zercher Squats

155 x 10
245 x 5
335 x 5

Sled Drags

40 yrds x 4

Pulldown Abs

10 x 3