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Thread: A muscle question (tone & hardness)

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    A muscle question (tone & hardness)

    So there is no such thing as tone correct? When someone says tone they mean absence of fat correct? But can tone not also mean muscle hardness? Now the real question I want to ask is if muscle hardness is due to it's development or the mack of fat covering it? Say I'm doing curls beside someone who has the same bf as I do but their arms are more developed and harder by feel is that not a form of tone? Or would it be called density? I kinda thought of the two as interchangeable.

    Just an extra note I have looked at some of the more technical articles on tone on the other sites and admit they are a bit beyond my comprehension at this point. A layman explanation would be nice.

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    tone - tonus...... how much of a contracted state the muscle is in without manual contraction.... ( u get the idea ).
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    Such a thing called tone does exist; Its tonus like hellrazor said. What does not exist is the concept of getting more toned as in making a muscle harder or tighter except for possibly making the muscle larger. Once there's a larger muscle, there's more muscle contracting in a relaxed state which means a harder muscle. When the general public refers to getting more toned they mean the more ripped look which means more muscle and more importantly less fat.


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