Hi everyone so I posted in an old thread and am not sure if people would respond to it or not or maybe its closed I have no idea I'm really new. Anyway I'll just copy and paste the exact question I had in the other thread:

Hey all,

I read the article on bulking or cutting and have to say, it was very well written an very informative. I'm new to website and took a read through this thread, and everyone seems to want to help, which is great because I would love some. I'm a 17 year old male, 168 pounds, roughly 14.3-16% bodyfat (used AccuMeasure body fat caliper, but have inconsistent results can't seem to find my superilliac). Anyways, I've been doing Stronglifts 5x5 (http://stronglifts.com/stronglifts-5...ining-program/) for 10 weeks now, this is my 11th. My goal, weight-wise, is 185. My goal, bf-wise, is 9% bf (10 is to show abs, I figure 1 percent lower couldn't hurt me). A question I have is, Mehdi (Stronglifts 5x5 writer) suggests to eat a lot and keep eating to gain strenght, which will gain muscle. If i follow this articles recommendation, 185x16 = 2960 calories. I can understand the caloric increase, because I weigh 168 and therefore require less calories to maintain, and have a VERY vague understanding of the fat loss once I reach my goal of 185 (someone explain further on the fat loss please!). However, would it still be possible to progressively overload my muscles each workout, as Mehdi suggests? My current workout stats are (these are PR's for me so I'm STOKED!): Squat - 195, Bench - 130, Deadlift - 230(grip failing, help?), Overhead Press - 90, Barbell Row - 115.

Quick Overview: I weigh 168 at 14.3-16% bf, want to weigh 185 at 8-10% bf.

Thanks a bunch in advance!