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Thread: For those that squat and pull in the same day....

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    For those that squat and pull in the same day....

    My question is, do you have a lower accessory day? If so, what do you do? Number of exercises, sets/reps, anything special you focus on...stuff like that.

    I just started doing this again and was curious what I should do on my accessory day. The last time I was doing this, I didn't have an accessory day. I was using that day for my knee rehab.

    Right now after I squat and pull, I usually just do some heavy shrugs and abs. My plan was to use that second day for high volume work.

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    Lately its been squat, pull, and quad work then three days later hit some hams glutes and low back. Nothing crazy maybe 4sets of 15 in 2 lifts. I do abs 3times per week.
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    When I use a template that has me squatting and pulling in the same day, I basically do it twice a week. So it looks like this:



    For me, the supplemental exercises are generally things like RDL's, Good Mornings, Snatch Grip SLDL's, Front Squats, etc. I really never got much from things like GHR's. For me the harder exercises always produced more results. Of course you could use those others if they produce results for you. I'd imagine if squatting and pulling heavy twice a week is a daunting task, then the lighter exercises would probably be a smarter choice.

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    Right now the basic format im doing:

    Leg press
    Leg curls

    Glute Bridge
    Leg curls

    Only issue Is my lower back takes a toll after weeks go bye in this cycle. So in about 2 weeks time Im changing it up and doing squatting only(with an accessory day) for a cycle, then deads(with an accessory day), repeat. SO, to answer your question, Im a big fan of doing sissy squats, lunges,stiff legged deadlifts, and glute bridges.

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    Everything on Sunday for squat/deadlift and any related assistance for legs, lower back, abs. I do upper back on a different day though.
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    after squats and deadlifts i do legpress , good mornings and abs not to failure and 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps each.

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    I squat and deadlift on the same day, although very lightly right now. Keep in mind I'm a bench only guy. I do however have a lower assistance day. I like to do unilateral movements and a little core work on this day. Here's what I do:

    Band stomps
    Step downs
    Plate drags
    Standing band stiff leg gm's

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    I only train 3x a week with weights. I have a lower day and an upper day each week as my primary focus is the Highland Games and throwing takes a lot of recovery. The third day is an olympic movement day. Lately I've been focusing on Clean&Jerks, once I get those down I'll work on snatches. I want to do an oly meet later this year so I need the technique work. Plus, the o-lifts carry over to throws as it trains speed and explosiveness.

    My lower day I alternate ME&DE movements weekly. One week will be an ME squat + DE pull, the next will be an ME pull + DE squat. Afterwards my assistance is typically some sort ham dominant movement (RDL/GM), glute dominant movement (dimel deads/rev hyper), single leg movement (rev lunges/bulg split squats) and a box jump type movement (seated/weighted/side-to-side plyos).. I'll work in some ab stuff if I have time. Workouts typically take me about 90mins including warmup.
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    In the past I never had an assistane day. I think missing out on some of the 'little" movements has led to my back and hip issues being so bad.

    In my next training cycle I'll have a Squat/DL day on Sunday and an asistance day on Wednesday. I'll do a ton of single-leg movements and ab work. It'll be more of a rehab day for me. I think as I get better I'll be able to use some bigger movements instead of a lot of rehab and basic strengthening exercises.

    I'll be in the 3-5x10-20 rep range when I get back into.

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    Second lower day is usually....

    Light speed squats to a low box: 8-10x2
    Good morning/RDL/SLDL: 3-4x10-12
    Some form of non-competition specific squat (paused front squats, squats against chains, etc): 3-4x10-12
    Heavy ab work: 3-4x6-10
    Sled Work (weather permitting)

    Rest period are short and I move fast to maximize the endocrine response. Takes 45 minutes max.

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