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Thread: Each muscle group once a Week wyh not more?

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    Each muscle group once a Week wyh not more?

    I hear every one say just work a certain muscle group once a week. Is it really necesary to train a body part just once a weak. Why?
    whats wrong with doing your normal routine upper and lower body like mon wens and fridays? instead of splitting it up. or even just twic a week. I like doing The bench and I hate waiting so long to se my next improvemnet.
    Age 23 Height 5'10 weight 210 2 years complete of serious lifting.
    At 5'10" last Jan/02 I was 280 Lbs with a 44 waist.
    Now as of Dec/02 I am 210 with a 34-36 waist. A year complete 70 pounds lost now lets get big .
    Goal Deadlift 500 by summer now..
    02/10/03 405X3 425X1
    02/17/03 435X1
    02/24/03 445X1
    03/03/03 455X1
    03/10/03 455X3 "rack pull" 500X1 "rack pull MISS"
    03/17/03 405X6, "Rack Pulls 505X3, 525X1.... 555X1 Miss"
    04/14/03 465X1 verry difficult
    05/12/03 475X1 Easy!!! 500X1 Miss"real close"
    05/19/03 435X5
    06/16/03 Rack pulls 555X2, 600Xmiss
    07/14/03 500X1 GOAL ACHIEVED!!!!
    10/06/03 500X4 555X1 Miss
    10/13/03 535X1
    11/10/03 Rack pull 500X7
    GOAL for 2004 get back to a low fat% and keep it 8 -10% would be great.
    06/29 rack pull 700X3
    07/6/04 600x1 at 216
    09/6/04 600X1 at 208 Rack pull 720X3
    NEW GOAL BENCH 400 BY FEB 2005 "not sure about this one"

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    If I go to failure on my exercises, it would be impossible for me to work out each body part more than once a week, without working out when sore (although from what I understand the jury is still out on whether or not that is bad). Now, I will be switching to HST next week ( and I will be working each body part three times per week. However, 99.9% of the time it will not be to failure. Therefore, I can recover more quickly.

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    NAte is exactly right." - Tryska

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    once a week is just the interval most people will see best results with
    ideally you'd want to train as often as possible, with as little volume as possible
    train the lowest possible amount, while gaining the most
    that way you don't unneccesarily deplete energy stores, like if you train more than is neccessary to stimulate maximum growth you will deplete more ATP and glucose then is neccessary which will inhibit your bodies ability to build muscle
    big no no
    you gotta experiment with your own recovery ability, see how often you can train and still progress to your potential
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