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Thread: What Are Your TOP iPhone/Android apps?

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    I agree that tablets are unnecessary. It is just a gimmick, nothing more.

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    Just got this app called "chomp" it's a app for aps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex.V View Post
    Yes. Sorry I would have replied earlier, but I smashed my keyboard in anger then ate my mouse.
    I just spit out my water, thank you sir. lol
    "The only easy day was yesterday."

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    1 ScoreMobile*
    2 Facebook
    3 IMO - Combines multi instant messengers into one app
    4 ArcGIS
    5 TeamViewer - Allows me to remote control my computer(s) at home from my phone
    6 Banking App

    *By far the most used app on my phone

    For games:
    1 FIFA 12
    2 Battlefield Bad Company 2
    3 Tower Madness
    4 Mirrors Edge
    5 NFS Shift 2

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    My favorite apps on my I phone are as follows:
    -Weather app, I travel and like to know what the weather will be like for the day or week?

    -Receipt catcher (really handy if you travel a lot, just photo the receipt and it saves it for you)

    -World Card (takes photos of people business cards and automatically uploads all information to your contacts) You don't have to type all the information into your phone.

    -QR reader, self explanatory.


    -Timer (for the Gym)

    -Knowledge (like a trivia game for the brain)


    -Bible app for I phone is pretty nice

    -Currency converter is cool, am in the import business so this is a neat app, tracks the exchanges for the day and charts over time for you, pretty cool.


    Some of the apps I use regularly. I have only had my Iphone 4S for little over a month but so far so good. Had a Samsung before that and loved it, but I like the iphone as well. Face time with the wife and kids when I am on the road is really cool. The other night one of my kids tried to feed me some apple through the phone, he couldnt figure out how I was in the phone, he is 2!

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    Where is my Water? Is pretty cool, too!

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    Google maps, eBay, angry birds and Skype.

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    Addicted to bubble breaker now.

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