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Thread: Just starting...should i go gym?

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    Just starting...should i go gym?

    been thinking about weight training for a while, just wondering is it better to just go to a gym or do it at home? i've got about 40kg in weight, dumbells, barbell, and an oval bar (not sure what u call it lol) what do you guys think?

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    I use a home gym. Much cheaper, and more convenient. Sometimes I wake up early for work and get straight to working so I don't have to do it later in the day. Wouldn't be able to do that if I went to gym cause the drive time would make it take to long.

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    I also train at home. You're going to outgrow the amount of weight you have very quickly though. Unless you can buy more I say get a gym membership.

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    If you're starting out i'd say go to the gym. It's easy to procrastinate with a home gym. But if you make it an event it may be easier to get the motivation.
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