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    So who knows the best places to buy home gym equipment? I'm talking about good quality, decently priced mail-order places, not retail stores. I'm going to be moving into a house in a few weeks, and in that house is a garage. In that garage is a bunch of NOTHING, so it will hopefully be my new gym.
    I am going to be involved with a film crew soon, and I wont have much time to go out to the gym while we're filming, so I think a home gym would be best.
    All I'm looking for really is a flat bench (possibly convertible to incline/decline), and a pullup/dip station. Of course I'll need an olympic bar and some weight, no more than 300lbs needed though. I think I can hit pretty much everything with that (I have an e-z curl bar). Eventually I'll need a squat rack and possibly (big maybe) a preacher bench.

    I'll get into dumbells later.

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    They have a showroom near my house. I have bought all my home gym equipment there. I am satisfied with the quality.
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