After much prodding ( begging ) and hard work ( from Rudy ) I finally got a chance to try out the new Overkill prototype squat suit.

The suit is 4 plies ( !!! ) of Overkill poly. Rudy has done a ton of work changing the pattern to work better with poly and so far I'm impressed.

My goal today was to get a feel for the suit and take a lot of sets in it up to ~50 of my planned XPC opener. The suit took 30 minutes to get on and I had some reservations about it being possibly too tight. After the third set it had loosened up to where I could breathe and it felt pretty good.

Overall impression is that it's a LOT OF SUPPORT! WOW! I kept the straps loose through the 800's. I tried to dip a little like I do in my canvas and as soon as I loosened up a tiny bit to dip my hips shot forward.... It worked way better if I kept tight and just pushed back in to the suit... even if it did feel like my head was going to pop. Took a few minutes after each set to stop seeing cross-eyed, and I squat pretty upright. I was able to sit hard in to the suit and get close to parallel with mid-800's. We tightened the straps for 900 and I cut it an inch high as it was a LOT of pressure. The weight moved really fast and the suit had a TON of pop.

Over all I think I like it better than my old canvas, but I'll reserve my judgement for two weeks from now when I take it over 1000. I'll post videos as soon as I get them from the guy on the team who took video.....

Either way, the suit needs a name..... I have been calling it the Depth Charge, but it was brought to my attention that it would be funny to call it the Pit Boss..... any thoughts? Good names for the suit?