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Thread: My lifting routine

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    My lifting routine

    Well recently I've been getting back into the swing of lifting weights after being out of it due to basic training and school training in the army. Been about 2 solid months I've been lifting and come to this routine and would like some feedback.

    Flat DB Press 10,9,8
    Weighted Dips 10,9,8
    Wide grip Pull ups 10,9,8
    seated t-bar rows 10,9,8

    you get the point with the sets reps scheme so ill just post the rest of the exercises

    day 2 - rest

    day 3 - legs
    Leg Press
    Stiff Legged DL
    Leg Curls
    Seated Calf raises

    day 4 - rest

    day 5- arms
    Seated DB Press
    Lateral raises
    BB Curl
    alternating db curls
    skull crushers
    close grip bench press

    day 6 - rest

    day 7 - start over with day 1

    I do a lot of running not by choice haha.. so ya get a good 4-6 mile run anywhere from 3-5 days a week.

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    You should drop a few sets for bi's and tri's 6 sets a piece sounds like a bit much. Drop the leg press after squats, since there both a pressing exercise. Everything else looks good.

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    Holy crap!! Where have you been?? You are one of the OG's from this site. Welcome back.

    Exercises look good. I don't like to use the same set/rep scheme on every single exercise though. I would switch up the rep ranges and number of sets on different movements. Also, don't be afraid to put some real deads in there on occasion.
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