1-30-12 Mon. Bench Night Bwt. 273

Second night in the new 1 ply 'Radical Super Katana'

Raw Bench Press

Bar x 12

135 x 10

225 x 5

275 x 1

315 x 1

365 x 1

Add Radical Super Katana size 50

405 x 1 @ 2 boards (got middle fingers on the rings)

500 x 1 @ 1 board (got normal widest grip after re-setting the shirt. Weight jumped up!)

580 x 1 @ 1/2 board (Target weight for the night. Went up fast)

625 x 1 @ 2 boards (Started overload lockout work tonight. Very easy!)

Shirt off

Close Grip 2 Board Presses

315 x 11 x 1 set (rep out set. 11 1/2 reps)

Seated DB Lateral Raises

20s x 20

35s x 12

35s x 12

REALLY GOOD BENCH NIGHT!!!!!!! I love everything about this new shirt! Awesome shoulder support with the closed back but with the very low scoop neck with plenty of opening it is still very adjustable even closed. The radically narrowed chest plate makes the weight jump up! I'm very happy to have this thing to a 1/2 board already after only two sessions. This is by far the most weight I've handled since the shoulder replacement and with great support. No pain or discomfort and very stable!