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Thread: Strongman training or weight lifting?

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    Strongman training or weight lifting?

    Hey guys, I'm 5'8 160 pounds. My frame is medium build, 6.50 is my frame size. Now I have a few questions to you all. One, will strongman training make me bigger in muscle size? or just stronger and more powerful? Because truly I love doing strongman sort of shit. But I'm just starting lifting again, (I used to lift because I play hockey) But I lost sight of my goals... etc.) So now I'm looking to bulk up. So, what works? Should I weight lift, or do strongman exercises, cause I'm sure a lot of you in here are far more experienced. Thanks

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    Do whatever you enjoy. Eating is what's going to pack on the pounds. Strongmen lift weights and do the events. Take a look at Derek Poundstone, Brian Shaw or the Big Z. Fantastic physiques all built by weights, strongman and food.

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    Food food and more food. And whole milk. And food too
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    Do all three - Lift weights, Strongman Events, and eat FOOD!!!!!

    Oh ya, you also gotta be a Persistent bugger on all three too.

    Good Luck.
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