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Thread: The G.O.M.A.D routine (gallon of milk a day)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chasewilkins11 View Post
    Thanks fellas! The plan from here is to just keep going and hit 190's by August and 200's by December. Also gonna start focusing more on my legs/squats because I am very inconsistent with that. Can't believe I used to be 138! Almost pisses me off how pathetic i was
    You want to be big and are inconsistent with leg training????

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    omg this chick is smoking
    Beer helped slow down my metabolism.... -ozzyman

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    Good to hear you aren't worried about fat gain. Because it's going to happen. Also, using GOMAD alongside a weightgainer product daily may be the easiest way to gain weight, but just know that a giant surplus of whole foods high in protein is what you need to shoot for.

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