I've been putting off starting a journal on here forever. Made alot of excuses not to... But at this point in my training I need some support and some advice from you educated dudes. So I am starting this at a pivotal point in my career...
So here's my current situation. I'm 180 lbs, 12-13% bodyfat(estimate). A few months back I did some sloppy(stupid) deadlifting, my form was bad, I felt bad that day, I was wearing sweatpants, and basically I "snapped some shit up". This resulted in lower back pain for months and me forcing myself to put a hold on deadlifts till things felt normal.

NEXT. A knee injury. While working building fence. I knelt to the ground to pour concrete and a jagged peace of old concrete jabbed right up under my knee cap. Ouch. So guess what? Squats get put on hold from knee pain.......So basically the past 5 months the two big boy lifts have been out of the program and I have directed all attention to my upper body. This changes NOW. I am feeling much better in both areas, and I am going to start VERY SLOWLY with these two lifts in particular. 5 months ago I was deadlifting 375, and squatting around 230.

SO. My goals. I want to be BIG and LEAN. That is all. Tomorrow is day 1 of implementing DL's. I hope I can get some feedback/encouragement from you fine people. Also will be uploading pictures for some advice and opinions. But I'm thinking for diet at this point there is no choice other than a caloric surplus. Especially because I am newly implementing the two big lifts. Thanks for reading guys. Hope to hear from at least a few of you.