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Thread: Muscle without squats/deadlifts

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    Muscle without squats/deadlifts

    Some of you may remember me as DaChickenShowYo, and some of you may remember that I have a major back injury that prevents me from doing exercise that puts alot of stress on my spinal erectors.

    I have been very depressed about this, but I've continued to train in some form or another.

    At the beginning of summer I would estimate that I was about 185lbs and at about 18% bodyfat. I decided to get cut and tan so I could proudly take my shirt off, and thanks to xenadrine, circuit training and swimming I've lost 20lbs. That was way more than I intended, and it kinda scared me, but my lifts have stayed the same and I've seen massive losses of fat, but not much noticable muscle loss. I'm at about 166lbs right now and almost have ripped abs.

    Here's my predicament: In the next two years or so, I want to get up to about 200+lbs ripped. I'm 16 right now, and about 5'10 and I don't think that that is an impossible goal, but a major setback of course is the fact that I can't squat or deadlift, two great mass-gaining exercises. I still fully intend to try to reach my goal without posterior chain exercises.

    So I'd like you ask you if you think its possible for me to reach my goal without squatting or deadlifting, and I'd like to ask for any advice any of you would have as far as a routine or diet goes.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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    Of course it's possible, and you can still work your legs. Leg extensions and seated leg curls. Don't do lying leg curls as it'll **** with that back injury.

    Keep workin hard bro, sorry about your injury.
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    Thanks for your incouraging words. Anyone else?

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    It is very possible to create an impressive physique without squtas or deadlifts.

    I would use various leg machines, leg presses, leg extensions, hamstring curl, placing your feet in different positions on the leg press so your hams take the brunt of the load, the cables, dumbbells, unilateral trainig, the list can go on......
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    I'm glad I voted yes now that I read the post

    I'm sure that your attitute will help alot
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    Yah, it'll likely be a slower process IMO, but it's possible.

    And your username is too close to my title. You're not a meathead. I am. I am THE meathead. Bow down. Thank you.
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    Yeah its possible but it would be easier with the big 3.

    Just my $.02. Hehe DaChickenShowYo its you huh? I am MonStar. Changed names today.

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    hey man for ur legs try doing dumbell Lunges but im not sure if they'll #$%^ w/ ur back or not. good luck and never give up!



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