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Thread: How good is the first WWB routine??

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    How good is the first WWB routine??

    I have never lifted before. I weigh 108 lbs, and I am 5'8".

    Would this be a good routine for a complete beginner like myself? (the WWB routine #1)

    How many calories should I be consuming per day with this routine? As you can see 108 lbs isn't much considering my height. Should I be taking in over 2500 cals?

    Also how much protein, going by 1g per lb weight only puts me at 108 grams per day.

    As you can see I want to get as big as fast as I can, is this the routine for me? What have been other people's results with this routine?

    I plan to follow this routine religously, I will be a friggin' machine.

    Does anybody think another routine may benefit me more? If so what is that routine?

    It is the summer I have no commitments, I can sleep 12 + hours a night and live in the gym if need be... what routine would best fit my circumstances???
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    I liked wbb #1.

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    I actually don't like the routine, don't like the splits.

    I'd do back and biceps on the same day, and chest shoulders and triceps on the same day.

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    i done it for a little over a month, and saw good results, expecially in my shoulders.. its a good routine
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    how old are you? If you under 25 i suggest eating more than 2500 cal a day to beef you up. I've gained almost 20 pounds sense i started lifting and most of it is muscle because i eat alot and not fat. As long as you follow the wwb routine and eat right and a lot you'll get big faster.
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    I've done it (WWB1) for almost 3 months now with excellent results.

    As you can see I want to get as big as fast as I can.

    So do I, but I know that it will take time

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    WBB I is good. I've been training for a while now, but unfortunatly had to take a 3month break from training. Now I've started with wbb I. I think its pretty solid!


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