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    GST Training Journal

    Hey guys! Starting up a new cycle of my routine and figured I'd keep a log here for some motivation. Here's a little background info...

    I'm 19 years old, 5'10" 175 pounds. I've trained pretty hard since I was about 16 but recently had to take about a year off due to a torn rotator cuff. I've been progressively working my shoulder and other muscles back to strength the past 6 months and I'm getting pretty close to feeling 100%. My strength levels aren't were they were pre-injury but I'm hoping to get them up there in a few months time.

    The program I'm using is Growth Stimulus Training. Here's a link that outlines the program in great detail:

    Basically, I work every muscles group once every 8 days, training every other day. Each day has a "core" lift. Mine are Squat, Chinups, DL, and Bench. Week 1 you do 60% of your ORM for 3x8, with the last set being as many reps as possible. It progresses so the second week you do 3x6 at 70%, third week 3x4 at 80%, and fourth week 1xAMRAP then 2x1 at 90-95%. Their is also 2 or 3 supplemental lifts every day and those alternate between rep schemes of 3x8 and 3x15 for each day training that body part.

    After you complete the cycle you start over again. I just completed my first cycle so I'm starting up the second cycle tomorrow. All my lifts progressed real well. My last two deadlift days my form got sloppy so for this cycle I'm dropping the weight a bit for them and really focusing on my form.

    Alright, I'll probably be working out tomorrow evening so I'll post the results afterwards!
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    I have a Big 3 total of 140. My curls, and flys are good but the skullcrushers are really holding me back!

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