I have never lifted before.

Weight: 108 lbs
Height: 5'8"

Would the first WWB routine be good for a complete beginner like myself?

I want to get big as fast as possible, is this the routine for me? What have been other people's results with this routine?
Does anybody think another routine may benefit me more?

I plan to follow this routine religously, I will be a friggin' machine... It is the summer I have no commitments, I can sleep 12 + hours a night and live in the gym if need be... what routine would best fit my circumstances???

ONE MORE THING -- I will be hiring a personal trainer, so if you think the WWB routine is best (but has some problems) tell me those problems and I can tell me trainer to adjust the routine to fix those problems. Like does it focus too little on legs? Please tell me where the routine needs improvment (if it does at all) so my trainer can amend it.