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Thread: Reducing Soreness

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    Reducing Soreness

    Today during our after school workouts, we did a killer list of lifts ranging from bench, to squat, to stair-climbs, to push press, to wallsits and so on and so forth.

    After all of that and more, I was sorer than I'd been in a long time for some reason and I'd like to know how to get rid of said soreness. I stretch for about 5 minutes after I got home, but I'm still sore as heck. Are there any ways I can help speed up recovery?

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    There are, but it is a bit late now for most. What you can do now is do a very light version of the same exercises you did the other day. Nothing stressful, just get the blood pumping. That will help.

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    DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)- is totally natural... youll be fresh in 4-5 days... nothing to really worry about. just sleep and eat. --Actor, Bodybuilder, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

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    Stretch somewhat, but mostly focus on eating and sleeping. Active recovery always helps, like for lower body, walking around usually helps me. Like Chris said just get the blood pumping to it. One of my absolute favorite techniques for reducing muscle soreness is self myofasical release. It's mostly used for warm-ups but it can be used for recovery too. Essentially you take a dowel (I use the bottom half of a pool cue) and massage the muscle, searching for tender spots, when you find one, massage it around for a little bit. For muscles like your pecs, you can take a medicine ball or tennis ball and rub it around from your chest down to your bicep
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    Just enjoy it, it will go away.

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    Make sure you have a decent diet, and drink plenty, oh and rest up.
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    Contrast showers and stretching right after a workout seem to do the trick for me. Foam rolling if you actually end up sore really helps too.
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