I am planning to start the first WWB routine, I have heard its good, and it is easy for complete beginners like myself.

I have all summer to devote to lifting, I can sleep 12 + hours each and every night. Getting that much rest would I be able to workout 4 or 5 days a week? In the routine there are 3 lifting days and 4 off days... it just doesnt seem intense and I could rest get as much sleep as I need every night. Most of my friends lift at least 4 days a week. Only lifting 3 for 1 hour (thats as long the routine takes a day) seems kindof "half-assing" the job. I want to get really big and since I can get so much sleep why cant I work out like 4 or 5 days a week??? The WWB first routine seems kindof wussy, and ment for people with jobs and not much time, and maybe I could get bigger if I did a more "intense" routine.... what does everyone else think?