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As a special note, our supplier for Nitrean+ and Opticen+ (which are coming back due to a legal agreement with the supplier) will be shipping our first batch of Nitrean+ this coming Tuesday. We should receive the shipment either Friday, or Monday (which means your order should ship within one week of placement). Opticen+ will be shipping shortly thereafter. As soon as we receive we will begin shipping. Pre-Workout, also supplied by them, is in-stock for immediate delivery.

Nitrean+ was chosen the Best Protein for Men by Menís Health Magazine and Opticen+ has been used by some of the top athletes in the world to fuel their post-workout recovery.

Our Protein Replacement Stack is the ultimate recovery stack for those seeking to lose body fat, or add only lean muscle tissue. It has proven superior benefits compared to protein powders, and is virtually calorie-free. All of the benefits and then some of ingesting protein shakes without the calories.

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ē In-stock & pre-order items included. Reverse Hyper exercise devices excluded