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Thread: Lifting Stunts Growth...

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    Lifting Stunts Growth...

    I've heard that doing powerlifting may stunt growth if your still growing. I'm 16 but still growing.

    I also heard that low volume is better for muscle gain if your done growing... but for teenagers it is better, and you get more muscle growth from high volume... and so do you think I should find a routine that focuses on high reps (15 or 20), rather than 6-8 like in the WWB routine??

    Does powerlifting really stunt growth?? Does high volume = more muscle gain for teenagers??

    I was about to start the first WBB routine tom. but since its a lot of powerlifting (squats) etc. and low low volume. And since Im 16 and still supposed to grow 4-5 more inches I should do a different routine.... THOUGHTS ON THIS????
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    All that you have heard is pretty well ...lets see, "WRONG!!"
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