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Thread: pec minor tear ????

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    pec minor tear ????

    I trained back the other went okay but the next day my pec was killing me...its just underneath my armpit behind the pec..would i be right in thinking i`ve torn the pec minor slightly ?

    Also just out of curiosity when i train chest im always extremely sore near the insertion points right near my anterior this the tendon thats sore?? cheers.
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    Yeah the Pec Minor is what holds your shoulder down, along with your lat. When I was doing back / tri's on the same day, I couldn't do press downs after really heavy pull downs. My pec minor was just shot. Hopefully you just strained it. Try icing/anti-inflamatories for the first two days, helps shorten recovery. Then heat it a few times a day.

    The four pec muscles in your chest all attach to your upper arm, basically what looks like your front shoulder.

    It sounds like you aren't warming up enough. That same place used to bother me doing incline benches.

    Do four warm up sets. None to failure. You are just warming up, and stretching things out. 8 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps, then 1-2 reps just below your weight. I haven't hurt a muscle since I adopted that.

    Hope that helps.

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    If it bruises then its probly a tear but if it just hurts alot chances are its a pull. I pulled my pec major once and i couldn't even move my arm for teh first few hours. I did lots of recovery work and had it back to good in just over a week. If you are unsure about if its a tear or not then I'd sugest seeing a doc and making them check it out. An easy way to strain your pec is doing elbows out benches especially if you didn't warm up properly.
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