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Thread: squats bad for shoulder???

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    squats bad for shoulder???

    i heard that squats r bad for the shoulder and my new routine may invlove squats; should i include them???

    FYI i injured the front of my shoulders with flat bench presses.
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    They do put a bit of pressure on ur traps if you`re using sufficient weight but I cant see tham doing any major damage.Make sure you have some sort of sponge padding. That will take some of the pressure off. Try them first and see how they go but I would definately put them in your fact you need them in your routine.
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    Your arms are pulled back as they hold the bar during squats. If you already have a shoulder problem, that might aggravate it, but I think it would be difficult to cause a new injury by doing squats.

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    If you don't have enough flexibility in your shoulder you may experience discomfort in the shoulder joint itself because you need to grab the bar in a somewhat awkward and injury prone position (which is why behind the neck pulldowns/presses are bad). As long as you have some decent flexibility you should be ok because you're not really putting any stress on the joint in that position...
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