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Thread: The Mens Health routine...

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    The Mens Health routine...

    OK i set up a program on my own cause this site was down for me this it is...Its the workout from THE MENS HEALTH HARD WORKOUT PLAN (paperback book)

    Monday. Legs, butt, thighs, chest, tris
    1. Squat
    2. Hack squat
    3. Leg curls
    4. leg extension
    5. Heels raise
    6. Ankle Flexion
    7. Stationary lunge with dumbells
    8. Incline bench
    9. Dumbell flyes
    10. french curl

    Wed. Back Shoulders, Bi's, and forearms

    1. Upright rows
    2. Side Deltoid raise
    3. Shrugs
    4. Front deltoid raise
    5. Behind-the-neck press with dumbell
    6. T bar rows
    7. Dumbell swing
    8. Wide grip row
    9. Dumbell rows(one arm)
    10. Preacher curl
    11. Reverse grip barbell curl
    12. Forearm curl
    13. Reverse forarm curl

    Friday. Legs, butt, thighs, chest, tris
    1. Front squat
    2. Good Morning
    3. Duck squat
    4. Leg curl
    5. Dumbell power lunge
    6. Seated heel raise with barbell
    7. Ankle Flexion
    8. Lateral lunge with barbell
    9. Decline bench press
    10. Dumbell Fly
    11. Dumbell kickback

    Sat. Back Shoulders, Bi's, and forearms

    1. Dumbell raise
    2. Lying side deltoid raise
    3. Shrugs
    4. Front deltoid raise
    5. Overhead press with barbells
    6. Wide grip row
    7. Good morning
    8. Toe Touch
    9. Dumbell rows
    10. Alternating dumbell curls
    11. Wrist raise
    12. Reverse wrist raise.

    Now im not gonna be doing alot of these because im limited at the YMCA. So ill make some adjustments. But this seems like alot and it will take me hours to do. Guys please feel free to make changes and give me tips i need it. And maybe some sets and reps will help.

    Thanks so much
    -Justin (FBG)

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    it seems like alot IMO and i would hate splittin tris chest and legs, it would so take away from those muscles when they deserve their own split
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    Sounds like a pro's routine. If you are not on gear, I can assure you, that you will not gain mass on that routine. It is absolutely horrible. First off, drop the number of exercises by about 2/3. You do not need 10-12 exercises per bodypart. You WILL overtrain. Focus on just a handful of core exercises. For legs, do squats and leg presses. For back do deadlifts and bent over rows. For chest do flat and incline bench presses. For shoulders do overhead presses. Train no more than three days a week and be sure to get plenty of sleep and food. Some people will tell you that training four days a week is the way to go, but for the average natural trainer, more rest days than work days tends to be the rule, (although there are exceptions)

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    Sorry, I missed the sets and rep request. Stick to 3-4 sets max (not including warm-ups). Keep the reps in the 6-10 range for now, and see how your body responds to that.

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    I agree with most of what's been said. I really hate the split. I like to work my split this way - two upper body days one for pulling and one for pushing , a leg day and at least one cardio day in which you also do abs. Pull days are for back, biceps and forearms and push days are for chest, shoulders and tirceps. Pick 2 -3 exercizes for each muscle group. Take two rest days in the cycle and you have a nice week planned. The work out you've written out doesn't allow enough recovery for your muscle groups-you need to allow at least 6 six days for a muscle group to recover before working again. Remember working sore muscles means you haven't given them enough recovery time and your probably doing more harm then good. I agree with Extreme Anabolic on sets and reps. Also, personaly I don't think any workout should take more then 60 min - 90 absolute max. Bodybuilding is as much about selection and finesse as it is about grunt and grind. In other words we have to think as much as we lift.

    Good luck and stay away from Men's Health publications, from what I've read they really don't know what they're talking about.
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