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Thread: Please provide comments on my program

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    Please provide comments on my program

    Please provide your thoughts regarding the following:

    [Note: I do 3 sets of 8-10 reps for each exercise.]

    Day 1 - Push day

    -DB Press
    -Cable Flye
    -Decline or incline DB press

    -Military press
    -Lateral raise
    -Reverse flye (cable or DB)

    -French press or skull crusher
    -Cable pushdown

    Day 2 - Pull day

    -Weighted pullup
    -Cable row

    -Upright row
    -DB shrug or rear shrug (Smith machine)

    -BB curl
    -DB curl or preacher curl

    Day 3 - Legs
    -Leg extensions
    -Standing calf raises
    -Seated calf raises

    Day 4 - Cardio

    Day 5 - Rest
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    Prolly not enough lat on your "back" day. You don't list sets. You don't mention how long you've been working out. I couldn't do lats and traps on the same day.

    I do 9 heavy sets for traps on their own day. (3 x db, 3 x bb, 3 x machine).

    7-8 sets for back (I do 20 pullups, 2nd+ sets are weighted, so it just depends). I try and do one set of bi's but they are usually just fried.


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    What another person states is only their opinion and should be taken with a grain of salt.

    My advice is this:

    If this routine is working for you, keep-it-up, regardless of what others might say.

    Personally Mine is as follows:

    Mon - Pushing Movements (Chest, Tris, Shoulders)


    A pressing movement (flat bench - 2 x 7-9)
    A pressing movement (flat bench flys - 2 x 7-9)


    A pressing movement (military press - 2 x 7-9)


    A pressing movement (close-grip bench - 2 x 7-9)
    A pressing movement (french press - 2 x 7-9)

    Thursday - Pulling Movements (Back, Bi's)

    A pulling movement (pull-down/front - 2 x 7-9)
    A pulling movement (incline dumbbell row - 2 x 7-9)
    A pulling movement (barbell shrug - 2 x 7-9)

    A curling movement (straight barbell curl - 2 x 7-9)
    A curling movement (dubbell conc. curl - 2 x 7-9)

    Sat. - (Legs)

    Deep Squats (2 x 5-7)
    Leg Extension (2 x 7-9)
    Leg Curl (2 x 7-9)
    Calf Raise (2 x 7-9)

    All lifts are done with maximum weight to TRUE failure, adequate rest between sets (specifically on squats). When I reach the desired number of reps. I raise the weight. Period.
    If I'm not finished with the workout (including warm-ups) in an hour I leave and consider the work-out a failure. Needless to say I'm busy when I hit the gym as I hate to fail.

    I change the routine every 4 weeks and take a 2 week break after 8 - 10 weeks where I do no resistance training, but do quite a bit of cardio, flexibility and agility work.

    I do designated cardio 3 x weekly varying from x/c running to treadmill work and complete a Mt. Bike ride of 10 - 15 miles one weekend day. I also play tennis, racquetball, golf and volleyball just for the fun of it.

    Hope this gives you something to compare your routine against.
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