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Thread: Quick question: Low Carbs

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    Quick question: Low Carbs

    Where do you guys get glycogen to fill and replenish your muscles with on and extreme low carb diet? I'm not try to be a smart ass, I just want to know how you do it. What keeps your muscles and energy from going completely flat. I know how carb loading/depletion works for pre-contest. But how does it work when you do it for long periods of time?
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    To replete your carbs. No magic to it. Your muscles will appear flatter, but that will go away as soon as you begin eating a normal split again.

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    Well - on a 6 day carb restriction cycle (1 day carb up), I feel pretty deflated by the end of the week. But - that's what the carb up is for - to supercompensate gylcogen stores so you can get your training done the next week.
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