Hey all,
I have my first oly lifting competition this Saturday and I need to compete at the 48kg weight class. this morning I was 49.8. I am trying to lose weight for the last 3 weeks but with no success. I am eating very clean, crossfit reguraly, and added cradio. I go to the sauna almost every day now to acclimate my body to sweat faster.

For this week, I was planning on driking a galon of water a day till thursday (weigh in is on saturday at 10, 2 hours before the competition). I also started adding Xpel in order to lose a few pounds of water. on Thursday I will reduce my water and on friday at 10 I will stio drinking (maybe a few sips). I will do the sauna on friday night if needed.

Am I right? anything I need to change? I am about 108 lb with 12% body fat (low for females). my body ressist the weight lose for some reason.
I will appreciate every comment that would help me.