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Thread: pliz help me

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    pliz help me

    hi friends
    1 work out at home .i didnt have free time to go gym.i work out 2 -3 full body every week .i do compound exercises like dedlift-squat-bent row-overhead and chest press so often and 2 set for each.recently my body is stopped to grow .may be it is for sake my workout because i have done it for 1 year and i didnt change my system.
    i think full body is better than split may be im wrong pliz help
    squat 80 kg 9 reps
    overhead 70kg 6 reps
    bent row 80kg 7
    deadliftkg 100
    chest press 90 kg 8 reps
    and do laterals and arms with dumbell
    i do 2 sets
    pliz help me how to change my routine
    ur sinserely
    nasser from Iran

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    Trying upping the amount of food you're eating before changing your routine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Behemoth View Post
    Trying upping the amount of food you're eating before changing your routine.
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