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Thread: 830 squat in single ply @ SPF Alabama Meet @ 56 Y.O.

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    830 squat in single ply @ SPF Alabama Meet @ 56 Y.O.

    I had the squat day of my life today at the SPF Alabama meet in Arab, Al. I felt I'd trained as well as I've ever trained for a meet and It was like the 'planets were all lined up' for my squats! I competed in the single ply 55-59 308s. I weighed in at 286 and felt very strong coming in. I went in with the goal of trying to top the best over 50 single ply squat of all time of 826 by Ernie Frantz. Everything felt perfect on my 750 opener and 800 2nd. Jesse, Big Wade and Joe Ladnier said they were the deepest squats with the best technique they'd ever seen me do. I took the record on an almost as easy 830 3rd. I hadn't been under 900 in 3 years and that was in multi-ply but I felt I had it in me today. I took a 4th @ 900 and it felt amazingly light.I knew I had it a little high on my neck when I took it out but it felt good going down til I got near the bottom. I couldn't keep the weight on my heels as heavily as on the other 3 and I couldn't get as good of a 'sit back and dip' as on the other 3. I knew by the way the dip felt it would be a little high but it went up very fast. I'm very confident I'll get 900+ before this year's out. I'm the happiest man on the planet right now to have made the 830 because Ernie is a true Hero of mine. Ernie will always be the 'man' to me since he did the 826 as a 220!

    My planets unlined a bit warming up for the bench. I had a fluke slip on the warmup bench pad with 135 and had a sharp pain shoot through my upper pevis lower spine area. The low back started spasming and trying to lock up after that. I opened very light @455 in an old size 52 regular Katana. I botched up the 1st try. It was hard to get the touch but jumped up so easy I let my focus go and let it dip and had a double lockout and fouled it. I took it again to make sure I got one in and protect the squat. This time I slammed it home. I'd planned to change to the 50 Super Katana Extreme but With the back screwed up I didn't think I could stay arched up for 600. I pulled the 52 regular down some and went 500 and it flew up very easy. I asked the table how far out I'd be if I took a 4th at 550 and they said "1 out" so I decided just to stop and see if I could get ready to deadlift. So I was 1330 at subtotal.

    I'd turned in a 'very safe' 550 deadlift opener. But after having a good bit of pain warming up raw to 405 I went out and changed my opener to 415 and suited up. The suit helped. The 415 did hurt going up but not as much as the raw warmups. It hurt more putting it down actually. I'd done the math backstage and knew I'd need a 575 dead to top the best ever (if my research was accurate) over 55 1 ply total of 1901 with 1905. I took a second with my planned opener of 550 to see if I'd have it in me for the 3rd. It went up solidly but painfully. I turned in the 575 to break the total and it went up! I'd planned to break 2000 going in but considering the back/pelvis issue I'm very, very happy with the results of the meet.

    It was an awesome meet with about 70 lifters! All 4 Monster Barbell members competing won their classes and set meet PRs and several SPF records. We all had a great meet!
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