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Thread: Grip Strength during Bench and SLDL

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    Grip Strength during Bench and SLDL

    1) How important is your grip strength when it comes to Bench Presses? Cause whenever I take heavier DBs (for my ability) and start doing Bench Presses, I realise my wrist starts trembling (esp. the left) and before my Chest/Triceps can even reach CLOSE to failure, my wrist starts trembling so badly that I have to stop. Does that means that I should do more wrist exercise and strengthen it?

    2) It is counerproductive to perform SLDL (on leg day) just 1-2 days after your Back workout, right? I mean afterall, SLDL not only blast your hamstrings but it also hits your Back really hard. Is that true?
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    1) it sounds like you need to strengthen your forarm extensors and flexors. Wrist curls will do this for you. If you are only new to db presses then it might just take a few weeks for your wrists to get used to the movement.
    2)If you are doing deadlifts on back day then i would try to have 3 days rest between back and leg days. If yo arn't doing deads then it should be fine having sldl's on leg day
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