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Thread: Cutting Heavy for Marines - Need HELP ASAP!!!!

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    Cutting Heavy for Marines - Need HELP ASAP!!!!

    So as of now I am 5'8 213 pounds. I was 236 pounds about two and a half months ago. My target weight is 194 lbs. Only problem is, for the last two weeks or so, i've plateaued and can't get below 213. I have tried literally everything. I've been on a very strict diet, getting my protein when I need it but essentially going hard on the fruits and veggies. I run about 40 minutes every day and hit up different machines at the gym to vary my cardio. I also PT with my recruiter and other poolee's once a week. Now i'm down to a month and a half left before my next weigh in and I really want to be down to 194 by then. I think i'm going to turn to supplements to help me now, because thus far i've been all natural. I have heard of two things over and over again. One is Oxyelite pro and the other is jet fuel. All i'm asking is which is the best for cutting weight quickly, and if they aren't the best what is??? Please help! Thanks everyone!
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