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Thread: heavy bulking routine

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    heavy bulking routine

    All sets are done with the same weight. Adding weight if i complete upper rep range in all sets. (For example if i do Weighted Chins for 3x4-6 I add weight if i complete 6,6,6 reps).

    Here's the routine:


    Squats 5x5-10
    Leg Extensions: 3x15
    Stiff leg Deads 4x10


    Incline DB Press 4x6-10
    Weighted Dips 4x6-10
    Incline Fly 4x6-10
    Cambered bar Skullcrushers 4x6-10


    Weighted Chins 3x4-6 (neutral grip)
    BB Rows 3x6-8
    Deadlifts 3x8-10
    Cable rows 3x10-12
    BB Curl 4x8-12


    Seated BB Press 3x6
    Seated DB Press 2x8-10
    Leaning Laterals 3x10-12
    Standing calf raises 4x12

    What do you think about it?
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