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Thread: Did I slightly tear my bicep or could it be tendonitis?

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    Did I slightly tear my bicep or could it be tendonitis?

    To make a long story short, I felt pain in the top of the bicep near the shoulder when doing overhead presses the other day. The following day my arm had a very sharp pain going through my bicep. It is tough to pinpoint the pain exactly b/c it seems to shoot throughout the entire arm but mainly in the top of the bicep near the shoulder. The following day, the pain turned into more of a burning. I haven't been back to the gym since the pain and it seemed to go away until the other day when I was picking up and putting down my son all day. Right now, I don't feel it but I am not sure what it is and am scared I could have torn something. Anyone have anything like this? I'd appreciate the help.

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    Go see a doctor.

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    Just off what you are saying, tendinitis. But I am not expert. I did tear mine from my elbow and knew it as soon as I did it. I was in denial for 3 hours afterward. Ha.

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    It definitely sounds like tendonitis. (I have lots of experience with it in shoulders and elbows).

    As has already been said, see a doctor.

    Meanwhile, put an ice pack on the shoulder to get blood to flow to the area to speed healing. And don't stress those tendons again.

    When my shoulder tendons (the ones connecting the biceps to the shoulder) start acting up, I avoid shoulder presses or any other exercises that cause pain. That's not easy, since your shoulders are involved in just about all upper body exercises.

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    Thanks for the input. I made an appt. with an orthopedic but it isn't until the 12th. Sucks. I have a bad knee so I can't really do lower body in the meantime. I guess I will be living on the treadmill doing HIIT until I can get a clear answer. At least it sounds like tendonitis. I think i'd lose it if I actually had a tear. I tore my labrum in my other shoulder and never want to go through that again.

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    It almost sounds like a pinched nerve to me?

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    What catches me off guard is that you cant pinpoint the area exactly. That's why I personally don't think its a tear. If it is, however, it should be just a 1st degree and nothing too severe. Just my guesses. Good luck at the doc!

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